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Locks On Locks Bracelet
£460.00 at Trollbeads
Lime Leaves Leather Bracelet
£130.00 at Trollbeads
Double Fantasy Necklace
£696.00 at Trollbeads
Trollbead Charms
£38.00 at Marketplace
Enchanted Peacock Earrings
£178.00 at Trollbeads
Trollbeads Bracelet
£103.00 at Marketplace
Braided Bracelets
£290.00 at Trollbeads
Connecting Frames Necklace
£923.00 at Trollbeads
Breeze Of Rose Ring
£100.00 at Trollbeads
Trollbead Full Bracelet
£300.00 at Marketplace
Trollbeads - One Of A Kind
£50.00 at Marketplace
Trollbeads Earrings Of Prevention
£28.00 at Marketplace
Trollbeads Lilac Bead
£30.00 at Marketplace