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Barbour is a surname of Scottish origin. Notable people with the surname include Alex Barbour, English footballer Alexander Barbour, Scottish international footballer Anna Maynard Barbour (d. 1941), an American author Dave Barbour (1912–1965), American musician Edward Barbour, an American politician Eilidh Barbour (born 1982), Scottish television presenter and reporter Erwin Hinckly Barbour (1856–1947), an American geologist Haley Barbour, the 63rd governor of Mississippi Ian Barbour, an American scholar of the relationship between science and religion James Barbour, the 19th Governor of Virginia James Barbour (1828–1895) James Stacy Barbour, American actor and singer John Barbour, "The Father of Scots poetry" (c.1320 – March 1395). Scottish makar, courtier and archdeacon John Barbour (actor), Canadian-born television personality in the United States John Strode Barbour, Jr., a Representative and a Senator from Virginia Julian Barbour, British physicist Lucius A. Barbour (1846-1922), American general Mary Barbour, a Scottish political activist Nelson H. Barbour, a Millerite Adventist Philip Lemont Barbour (1898–1980), American linguist, historian and radio broadcaster Philip Pendleton Barbour (1783–1841), a Representative from Virginia, brother of James Barbour Ralph Henry Barbour, an American author of sports fiction for boys Robert Barbour (disambiguation) Samuel Barbour, an Australian chemist, photographer and X-ray pioneer in the colony of South Australia Thomas Barbour, an American herpetologist Thomas Barbour Lathrop, an American philanthropist and world traveler, grandson of James Barbour Tommy Barbour, Scottish footballer Walworth Barbour, a United States Ambassador to Israel William Warren Barbour, a US Senator from New JerseyNotable people with the given name Barbour include: Arthur Bruce Barbour Moore (1906 – 2004), Canadian Moderator of the United Church of Canada, President and Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University in the University of
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Barbour Sarah Leather Low Buckle Ankle Boots
£129.00 at John Lewis
Barbour Poplars Fair Isle Print Jumper, Multi
£89.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Seaford Stripe Jumper, Off White
£69.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Shoreline Jumper
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Barbour Oystercatcher T-shirt, Navy
£24.95 at John Lewis
Barbour International Thunderbolt Jumper
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Barbour International Hurricane Dress, Black
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Barbour Laura Ashley Yews Floral Print Shirt, Indienne Print
£79.95 at John Lewis
Barbour International Goodwood Jumper
£74.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Hamsterley Waterproof Leather Boots, Black
£149.00 at John Lewis
Barbour Hawkins Striped Long Sleeved Top, Blue/multi
£39.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Hedley Dog And Wellies Graphic Print Top, Blue
£29.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Bilton Check Long Fringe Scarf, Pink/sage
£32.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Blair Tartan Scarf
£29.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Auklet Boucle Stripe Crew Neck Jumper, Multi
£84.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Essential Slim Jeans, Navy
£69.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Penshaw Faux Fur Pom Pom Chunky Beanie Hat, Blush
£27.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Saltburn Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat, Pearl
£26.95 at John Lewis
Barbour Utility Waxed Jacket, Olive
£199.00 at John Lewis
Barbour Tartan Scarf And Glove Gift Set, Merlot
£64.95 at John Lewis